Yes. The technology for the system resides inside the office and isn’t impacted by weather. That’s why upkeep costs are almost nonexistent. We have locations in extreme locations including North Pole, Alaska and Mesa, Arizona
No. The technology for the system resides inside the office and isn’t impacted by weather. That’s why upkeep is almost nonexistent.
Yes. We have options for installation without a storefront window.
Yes, our weather-proof speaker helps guide customers as they interact. You control the volume to suit your location’s parameters.
For most customers, installation and monthly upkeep are cost neutral due to our unique Preferred Partner Program. In fact, many customers experience extra monthly income from WindoVision partner advertising. Call today for a complete demo.
Yes, your trusted partners can provide ads for services that homebuyers find helpful, such as on the instant mortgage calculator, right on the interactive window display. Your partners can also pay for the entire system if you choose.
If you say YES to this golden opportunity, we guarantee that your partners will pay for the system, or we will pay you. Call us today for more details.
Because WindoVision is a “closed” system, it is not susceptible to viruses of any kind.
That is up to you. You can customize the system to show only your listings, or the full MLS listings for your entire area. In fact, there are 5 different ways that the public will be able to access listings in your window. Call us for more details.
Visitors to your window will be able to leave their cell phone or email address requesting more information. All requests and inquiries will be sent to the number or email address of your choice.
No, our software automatically updates all listings every morning at 3 a.m. leaving you with no extra work.
No, the WindoVision team takes care of everything from the installation to full tech support.
No, we can block out you competitors providing you with an exclusive technology advantage in your market! Call us today for full details.
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