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Don’t let a “cool down” affect your business – let your windows attract new customers 24/7.

Generate Qualified Leads 24/7 Right From Your Windows

Are your windows working hard enough? For most offices, the answer is NO! WindoVision® helps you attract qualified leads by presenting videos and listing pages on a large video display FIVE TIMES BRIGHTER than any home television monitor. So in the middle of the night and on the brightest afternoon, your windows can be collecting information on potential customers and sending the information to one of your agents to follow up with.

Capture foot traffic with ultra-bright window display

Are you in a location that generates foot traffic, such as nearby restaurants and retail establishments? Those are potential customers you are not reaching because let’s face it, not too many people waltz into a real estate office anymore. The WindoVision® monitor and the accompanying ultra-bright property listings are proven tools that stop people in their tracks. The large, interactive display features many items of interest, either on an automatic loop or videos available by typing in a short code. Don’t let foot traffic just walk by – stop them with WindoVision®.

Draw in sellers as well as buyers

WindoVision® allows you to ENGAGE potential customers by creating an opportunity to step out of your office and have a face-to-face conversation with someone walking by the office. A variety of ultra-bright listings and customizable video images on the display will give you an advantage over other businesses as sellers decide who to trust with their property. Your sales training will kick in as you easily start a conversation with potential customers who stop at your unique display.

Showcase listings with interactive video

You can customize what appears on your WindoVision® display. Showcase your own listings or bring in all the listings within your geographic area. Videos and web sites can easily be featured as well, with crystal-clear audio from a discrete, weather-proof speaker attached to the system. The screen is never “static” since a multitude of listings and videos scroll continuously. Or customers can choose what is displayed by typing a 3-digit code into the keyboard under the monitor. When a customer stops to check out one of your properties, a photo of your agent, with phone number, will also be featured. Listings with other companies can be highlighted as well, with your logo prominantly displayed. There is so much to see on WindoVision®, everyone will find a reason to pause at your office. The rest is up to you!

Stand out from the crowd with your exclusive technology

WindoVision® will not only bring in new business, it will elevate your reputation in the minds of people in the community. That’s because this proven lead-generator is available as an exclusive technology in your zip code. When people look for a realtor, they want one who is smart and passionate, with all the technology tools at their disposal. That will be you! This beautiful interactive screen in your window lets potential customers know that you are savvy and well-versed in technology.

Highlight your agents and company milestones

Let the community know about the great work your agents are doing at the office and in the community. Highlighting your agents lets your employees know you value them and their contributions. Give special recognition to agents who have achieved a milestone. In addition, the people in your town will see how your office is contributing to community life, which will raise your image in people’s minds.

Stage virtual open houses right from your windows

When a customer types in the 3- digit code from one of your ultra-bright fliers, the high-definition screen takes them to the listing with a virtual open house. Photos scroll in the same way they would on their home computer or their phone. At any point they can click on specific photos they want to peruse. It’s as if they are taking a tour of the home, even if you are not in the office as they browse. An audio prompt from a discrete, weather-proof speaker instructs viewers how to input their phone number or email if they want more information – which then goes to you for immediate follow-up.

Feature interactive 3D tours that attract buyers

Videos and listings scroll continuously on the high-definition WindoVision® screen, attracting people who did not necessarily plan to stop in at your office. Once they stop, potential customers can customize a search within an area or price range to fit their interests. Beautiful 360-degree tours allow customers to “walk through” the home at their own rate. Dynamic drone shots will also draw people walking by to the window display as they see the property from many different angles.
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Let your business partners share the stage – and the cost

One of the most amazing features of WindoVision® is that it can be installed and maintained at NO COST TO YOU! By featuring the businesses of your referral partners, you can pay for the ongoing cost of the system, while pointing customers to their services – a win-win for you both! Partner businesses such as title companies and mortgage brokers will gladly share the cost of the system, as well as contractors such as builders, heating and air, plumbing, and lawn maintenance companies. A helpful mortgage calculator is one example of a WindoVision® feature that will draw in partners. Once they see customers drawn from this proven lead-generating tool, they will continue to advertise in your windows year after year.

System Benefits

Generate Qualified Leads 24/7 Right From Your Windows

Capture foot traffic with attractive, ultra-bright interactive display

Win More Listing Presentations

Showcase Your Listings Right From Your Window

Stand out from the crowd with your unique interactive sales tool

Highlight your agents and company milestones

Stage Virtual Open Houses Right From Your Windows

Play Video

Display 360 Degree Tours Right in Your Windows

Let your business partners share the stage – & the cost

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