WindoVision® -- the first and best interactive window technology for real estate offices

WindoVision features a dual, thru-glass, interactive user interface. Combined with versatile multimedia presentation software, the WindoVision system allows local offices to provide the public on-demand presentations for local listings, along with information on its preferred partners, for local businesses and the surrounding community.

WindoVision® has been installed successfully in climates as cold as North Pole, Alaska (yes, that’s a real place) to the sunbaked desert of Arizona and the humidity of South Florida. That’s because the bulk of the equipment is inside the office, using a super-sensitive interface that responds to the lightest touch. The only part of the system that is outside – aside from the small speaker – is the vinyl keyboard, which is built to be weather- and vandal-proof. The ultra-bright screen is so luminous that it can be seen in the darkest nights and the brightest days with no trouble.

But what about setup and maintenance? No problem. A skilled member of our family team comes out and installs your customized system – featuring your office logo and colors – so that you don’t worry about a thing. Every night the system pulls current MLS listings, so that you never have to input or remove listings yourself – unless you choose to.

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